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Armored Warfare - Tank art bunch

I did a little clean up and decided to post some of the unpublished tank pictures in one go. Some were easy and done in one day, some were a lot harder and took weeks. I especially like stylized illustration; thanks to my fellows, I had freedom to try new techniques.
Most of the tanks are overpainted 3d models (half of them without textures sadly), that i was provided by Huge thanks to colleagues for making my job easier.

Vehicle geometry - property of Group

Alik sarkisyan pl01 starship hd 6 pub

Futuristic PL-01 with gorgeous M60A2 Patton starship

Alik sarkisyan screen pl 0

Overall, I have guideline to make illustrations more or less monochromatic. And here is what designers at ( do with the assets i provide (all tanks are on separate layers, so they can be easily removed almost from every illustration). Cool)

Alik sarkisyan aw standoff 3 pub

Armata vs Abrams

Alik sarkisyan armata stylized 9 hd pub

A stylized take on battle art. The top is painted for this to be used as print for T-shirts

Alik sarkisyan armata stylized7 pub

And this is the composition i had in mind, in the first place )

Alik sarkisyan aw rus 3 wide day pub

Trio of russian armored vehicles (t90, Armata, Terminator). It was done pretty quick for being alternative for some web element.

Alik sarkisyan armata free crop hd pub

Just a very quick shot with Armata. Lots of problems like inconsistent blur and perspective, but sometimes time is essential) This was primarily used as cover for youtube videos.