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Elite Dangrous 3.3 Keyart + Process

This was done 2018 autumn, was my first big one for Frontier. It was done thanks to the whole creative services team and great support from dev on Elite side.
Screenshot from the game served as a base, 18k panoramic image, made separate composite capture for ships section, obviously lots of compositing and overpaint. Rendered foreground/midground asteroids in octane, had to setup materials from scratch, match the materials on the actual ingame ones. All in all - great experience to put all of my knowledge in one picture =)
Especially thanks to Xavier Henry, Chris Gregory, Sam Piper.

Alik sarkisyan ed 3 3 keyart fin 4k watermarked


Alik sarkisyan artstationbreakdown2


Alik sarkisyan ed 3 3 keyart fin 1080 closeup

50% Closeup

Alik sarkisyan ed 3 3 keyart fin 1080 closeup2

50% Closeup