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The Sky Beneath Our Feet - Elevator

This one is a special to me. It took a 2nd place in the last cgsociety matte painting monthly challenge: And also cool not to have a tank in a picture for a difference =)
Please, check out the movie website, which inspired this dmp. Such a cool idea and they are already filming it:
I really wanted to polish it before posting, but it was sitting there for a few months and I couldn't find a way to work on it, so here it goes. Maybe some day i will revisit it. I have a great feedback from Milan Shere to help me with that, who with David Luong created this DMP challange and huge thanks to them, it was an amazing experience.

Here is the wip thread, but I posted same breakdown here as well. So check it if you want to see me struggle with english and forming thoughts with letters: