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Armored Warfare - Heat of the Battle

Promo art for Armored Warfare game. I was provided with 3d geometry of tanks. I've set them up in marmoset and used good old photobashing, trying to achieve that "heat of the battle" type of feel.
On this type of tasks, i usually work with the set composition in mind, but i keep the canvas open. You can see it in the wip, how big it is for designers to use it later for various crop options and other type of usage. I also keep all the tanks and VFX attached to them on separate layers and background behind them fully complete for the same reasons.

Vehicle geometry - property of Group

Alik sarkisyan aw battleground hd
Alik sarkisyan aw battleground hd wip
Alik sarkisyan

This is how it looks on the game website, thanks to the design team: