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Warface Open Cup Promo

Warface Open Cup promo art. Project done for I was provided with renders of the soldiers (huge thanks to people who made the models, posed and render them in cryengine!), and asked to do a photoreal one with matte paint in the background and stuff with 8 soldiers. It was a hectic week of work, and then we decided to do it artsy way in like a day with just 4 soldiers) Here is a result) I still have huge 12k pixels wide background separated from soldiers, so design team would have the asssets to do all sort of crops and bg material to work with. You can see the screenshot of pormo page they compiled with this stuff. More to come =) Cheers.

Alik sarkisyan 1231313
Alik sarkisyan

Design team did promo page with this picture

Alik sarkisyan 456456

assets for design team to work with. 12k pix wide background and soldiers separated from it are included